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Personal Skills:  

Expand your skill set on rope with a day of personal skills evaluation. We'll spend the day negotiating edges, knot passes on the ascent and descent and performing rescues utilizing a variety of devices.

Contact us for dates                          $200.00

Highlines and Offsets:

The ability to move horizontally to avoid obstacles is an important skill. Learn to build an effective system that takes terrain and the load into consideration. 

Contact us for dates                         $200.00

Lightweight Rescue:

Explore the mindset that less is more. We will perform rescues utilizing ropes from 9.5mm to 6mm.  Warning- bring an open mind and the desire to do some math.

 Contact us for dates                        $200.00

Tree Rescue: 

The possibility of someone being injured and or stuck exists almost daily in every town. Put your skills to the test in this demanding scenario based class. 

Prerequisite: Solid personal skill on rope and a baseline knowledge of offsets. Taking the Personal Skills along with Highlines and Offsets is highly recommended.              Contact us for dates                          $200.00

Rapid Extraction Module Support:

REMS teams are a forward operating extraction team that support wild land firefighting operations. Learn the tools and techniques to move fast and and efficiently in the backcountry from low angle to high.

Contact us for dates                            $200.00

Rope Access Skills:

Utilize the tools and techniques that are common in the rope access world. We will use a variety of descent and ascent options as well as how to perform basic rescues.

Contact us for dates                           $200.00

Special offering at Kong USA

4/23                                                      $100.00

High Directional Workshop

Explore the various options of raising the ropes off the ground in rescue. We will spend 4 days on everything from tripods to monopods and everything between. This is not just a Vortex class! 

August 21/22/28/29                             $800.00

September 14-17                                  $800.00

Twin Mountain, NH

Rope Technician Skills

Existing technicians need to get time on rope to maintain proficiency. These days will be spent working on everything from personal skills to leadership culminating in a rescue scenario each day. The course outline will vary each time based on the needs and desires of each group. 

7/20, more dates to follow                $200.00

All courses are available to groups of 3 or more by private arrangement. Location TBD based on the needs of students. Contact us to register and for information.